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My two month long vacation in Sweden to visit her started almost two months ago. We have done so much while being here. The point was to enjoy each other, you see she moved back to Stockholm in June since her job as an Au Pair in the states was up and we were without each other for over an eternity two months. With our two year anniversary almost here and only two weeks left till I fly home, time felt as if it was nowhere near on our side.

About a week ago we came home from a long walk in Stockholm City, we were given some mail from her sister which atop the envelope stated it was from the Swedish Migration Board. Not expecting anything more than a letter stating they had received the paperwork we had sent in only three weeks prior. She placed the envelopes on her bookshelf to grab a glass of water and said she’d be back. I mentioned I was not expecting much but I think in the back of my mind I was possibly seeing bad news coming from one of the envelopes. I mean getting a VISA in Sweden has been a long wait full of many obstacles in our path. She walked back into her room and picked up the envelopes. She held her mothers envelope opener which resembles a steak knife I once had, minus the serrated edge. Taking her sweet time, with excitement and anxiety I yelled “Open it already.” As she opened the letter she was looking in the opposite direction so all I could see was the back of the shirt she was wearing. She took the 2 pieces of paper out, and after glancing at the first sheet she placed the first sheet onto the side of her white book shelf which acts as the top since it lays on it’s side. After looking at the second sheet for what seemed like an hour she said in a light calm voice “You got it, you got your VISA.”

At that very moment I realized that this was our beginning, our beginning two years after we met.