After finally getting my VISA acceptance letter I was ecstatic! I mean for almost the past year we have been playing the waiting game. Just when you think you have done all that you need to do, some new task seems to now be required of either myself or her. New paperwork, finding emails proving we are actually together, looking for past proof of trips we’ve had with each other; all in the name of love (haha).

So needless to say, the next two days after receiving my acceptance letter I went to both: the Swedish Migration Board to have my finger prints and picture taken for my VISA, and to the tax building to get my Personal Number (the same as a American social security number) paperwork filled out. With the only two things I could do now done and the decision to stay in Sweden rather than fly back to the states as originally planned; I have now begun my search for a job. This did come a bit faster than expected since I wasn’t actually expecting to do this until December. Yet with every surprise comes a few other tasks.

Looking for a job can be a bit stressful yet looking for a job not knowing the native language seems to be a whole new beast for me. I am only thankful that English comes second after Swedish. So I seem to be battling two things right now: looking for a job as I mentioned before, but I must not forget to say before I can even get a work I need to have my personal number (ss#). So I do need to search for a job because I really need to start working, but if I get a job too soon then I won’t be able to take the job because I am not able to actually work. Now who’s to say I will even find a job before the 2-3 weeks it takes to get the number and I guess it doesn’t hurt to remain proactive and create new contacts in the business world, but I can’t help the feeling I’m having stressing over this dilemma.

So until I receive THAT number, or should I say until I receive MY number I can only remind myself that moving to Sweden has made me become a professional waiter.