If our eyes could see around the corner I’m sure in certain moments of our lives we would have “seen it coming”. Well what ever “it” is I guess sometimes it could be nice.

Today has been a pretty low key day filled with Internet job searching, coffee, more searching, and laundry. After leaving the laundry room while walking up the stairs back home Nadja mentioned how we may need to put my lastname on the door so the mail man (or woman) would know to leave my VISA and person number info at the right house. Just a moment after explaining I had given them her last name for delivery, the mail was put into the mail slot in the front door downstairs. Ha, and wouldn’t you know as we were speaking about it my VISA showed up! As it turned out today wasn’t just a day of job searching and laundry after all.

Maybe our eyes can’t see around the corner quite yet (think Apple iEyes), but maybe sometimes we just know what’s about to happen without even knowing it.