This morning while drinking some coffee and catching up with my Facebook News Feed I ran into a post from my sister husband which caught my attention. It felt inspiring in it’s own way, yet I found it a bit relevant to my own situation. He was talking about
how he is going to watch who he hangs out with because he was starting to see peoples true colors which I can only assume has led to think more about how this effects his own life. Now I may not be in his situation, however I found it relevant to my situation because in his own way, he is beginning a new journey of his own. A journey which involves change and self reflection, such as my journey across the world to Sweden

This was inspirational because it reminds me, as it should remind others, that we as humans are consistently changing. It’s the only thing we know to be a constant and is the only thing about life we should learn to expect. Every day we change because yesterday happened. We become new people every moment but I think it’s hard to see this change because it is usually gradual. It happens a little bit at a time like watching your kids grow up. You don’t notice it because you are there the entire time. Then the next thing you know a year has passed and while looking at pictures from the year before, annd it hits you; they’ve grown. I feel this is why people don’t realize they are always changing I mean we are always withourselves. I also feel that if people realized this people would be more open to change. We may as well give into change, it’s here to stay.

I felt happy for my sisters husband because he is really a great person and deserves more moments of self guidance such as making the decision to control his life and who is in it.

A change that happens today will most definitely change tomorrow.