Looking for a new job can be a huge pain in the ass. Yes I know, now I have to be thankful that I am now even able to look for a job; after all it does mean I’m one step closer to having a life in Sweden. Just earlier today I was thinking about how searching for a job has changed a bit in my lifetime but I’m sure it’s even more foreign to my parents than I am to Sweden. There are however still some similarities, for example: You wake up early since that damn early bird keeps getting that damn worm. You still do two things when you wake up: First you head to the coffee machine to get your liquid life going, then second you head straight for the bathroom. (C’mon you just woke up of course you have to go there.) After you are done you head straight back to the kitchen and that’s when you start to wake up because the smell from the freshly brewed coffee subconsciously begins to make your life seem full of purpose. Maybe in America you are not at home while all of this is happening but really it’s the same thing. You’re just “waking up” in the drive through line while beginning to get anxious at one of the nearest Starbucks. Anyways… After your snack of a breakfast and cup of java is exactly where things have changed from the good’ol times.

Now back in the day looking for work meant working with actual papers, pens, land line phones, but mainly walking your lazy ass to the actual places of business, meaning looking for a job was tangible. You got dressed up and went “hunting” for a job with a resume, suit and tie; and I’m even sure walking to each place you wanted to work was uphill each way making it that much harder. Since the invention of downhill sidewalks, a world of computer and the world wide web Internet things have changed. I have tried to keep life simple and do things the way it was once done, but now a days even employment agencies tell you to go home and sign up on line. The lady literally handed me a business card and said go to this email address and follow the directions. She must have done the same thing to obtain her position which I assume consists handing out tons of cards and lunch breaks. Like some say, “The Internet makes life easier” however I also feel “easier” can mean many things.

I know I am suppose to be looking for a new job and believe me I do! I have gone into the city and been told to go to the Internet and when I’m home I feel I should go into the city; it’s a fight of who’s right. Now if I go to one of the 5-6 different recruiting websites I’ve signed up for I’m good for about 5-10 minutes of reading through the different jobs available when it always seems to happen. What seems to happen you ask? A common problem happens which I like to call “the job posting is in Swedish” problem. I guess I expected that to happen and with this great internet technology I just head over my best friend Google’s site Google translate and take care of business. Awesome I mean how damn easy can it be? Now this is where the fun begins. When switching tabs to translate I realize I was looking at my favorite tech blogs news on Apple. Next I’m reading rumors about the iPhone 10 which leads me to some site advertising wireless keyboards with a “cool video” to watch. One thing leads to another and I’m at YouTube and I’m watching Dave Chapelle’s poetry slam talking about how he hates Ashten Kutcher. After the video ends there is an article about how Ashten Kutchers wife Demi posted partially topless pics for him to see on Twitter, and then it hits me! I’m looking to see what that God forsaken job posting said and I still havent figured it out.

A quick copy and paste and Presto! Sweden is looking for someone who is fluent in Finish and Swedish for a new position in northern Sweden 6 1/2 hours from where I live! WTF all that waisted time for a Swedish Finish speaking job and I only speak 100 words at most of one of the languages. Lol Can you imagine if back in the day you were looking for a job at a construction site, ended up helping an old lady to cross the street which led you to a retirement home for a game of naked twister with Michael Jackson singing Marilyn Manson’s “Beautiful People” song? That’s what the Internet does to job searching. I guess the moral of the story is balance, and that old fashion hunting is noting like it is today.