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Friday, must I say anything more? I mean it’s the end of the week! It also means another week here in Sweden and I suddenly I remembered. I have a ticket right now to go back to Colorado which leaves on Monday. It seems as another week ends it’s not just another week that ends. Next week has changed it’s course because of my Visa. I have this ticket and it’s not going to be used. I am suppose to be stressed right now because I am going to be leaving this life I have begun to enjoy. I am suppose to be remembering how life was without the love of my life and about how long we will be without each other this time around. Knowing when a VISA is going to be processed is kind of like trying to predict what you are going to wear on a cloudy day in Denver; you just can’t. The weather man doesn’t even actually know what the weather will be like so you just guess. You hope for the best but expect the worst. Thats what it is like waiting on a VISA.

But wait I don’t have to do that, I don’t have to worry about that. I have my VISA in my wallet at this very moment I type this on my iPhone. Remembering
how this Friday was the Friday I knew I would dread from the moment I landed in Sweden turned out to be a day that represents thankfulness. Now the obvious reason to become thankful is because I now have my VISA. However this morning I woke up to see a text from my mom explaining that there was something that happened last night in my family which broke my heart and filled myself with anxiety. I panicked, at that very moment nothing else mattered except waiting for my mother to reply to a text I sent my mother asking for more information. That terrible event turned out to have an exceptionally great outcome and everything is going to be alright.

The point is we need to live right now. We need to be thankful for all the wonderful things which we have been given because when you are given something you did not expect, it can only be for a good reason. Whether you are given a VISA or given a second chance at life we need to hold on to our gifts. Even when things look bad you never know the outcome. Life seems to have a schedule it chooses not to fill us in on.

Clouds in the sky doesn’t always mean rain will follow.