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Well today is officially two things for me: First it marks my first day off what was suppose to be a two month vacation. (I am suppose to be in Colorado right now sleeping haha.) Second it is officially going to be my first interview in a different country. I have an interview in less than ten minutes at Urban Outfitters and I’m just waiting right outside the store on a bench which is surrounded by people going to work, construction workers whom are working on the building behind me and pigeons walking around. I’m a bit nervous however I’m more excited for it to be over. Not because I am afraid but because I

think it is pretty exiting and the moment after the interview ends I am going to have that feeling of accomplishment. I love putting myself through new situations and this is no exception. No matter the outcome today marks an accomplishment. The first day from my two month vacation, I’m still in Sweden, and I’m going on an interview. You can only be happy for something like that. Ok time to go.