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Well it’s Friday and Fridays see to come even faster here in Sweden than in Denver. Well maybe they actually don’t but I’m telling you it seems that just yesterday I was writing about Clouds in the Sky. Today it’s raining outside and that means its the kind of day you would rather be next to a fire with a comfy warm blanket around you and a warm drink of your choice and some alcohol in it. Yet with another Friday here I can once again begin my weekend knowing I have accomplished a few things this week. On Monday I had An Urban Day, I have another interview today at a Hollister store which just opened up, and yesterday I secured an interview at Aldo. Now Hollister is typically not my cup of tea but what do I have to lose? It’s only part time work and they require speaking English while working so it’s right up my alley in that respect. Aldo on the other hand has been an ongoing situation since I spoke with the manager while picking up a pair of flip flops for my vacation to Spain this summer. I stopped in yesterday and talked with the manager for about 30 minutes just to continue a rapport with her which resulted in scheduling in an interview for next Monday.

I am happy for continuing momentum, yet I have been missing one little small thing which is essential for working in Sweden, my personal number (their ss#). Just about ten minutes ago while literally setting up a reminder on my iPad to call the Swedish tax building or as its called the Skatteverket, and make sure everything is going smoothly. I put my iPad down and I kid you not the moment the iPad touched the top of my bed my girlfriends sister called for me. Once again I seemed to see Around the Corner because she was letting me know that I had a letter sent to me; and as it turned out, it was my personal number! Ha I mean really? How the hell was I to know it was on the way while I was scheduling a reminder?!

So as I was saying, it’s Friday and as another weekend starts I can relax and enjoy myself. With everything I need now in my pocket, I have to say beginning next week, I’m ready to go.

Have a good weekend and I’ll see you all Monday. 🙂