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Ok so I am literally laying down in my bed right now wishing one thing, I wish I wasn’t sick. Uhhh this is no fun and as the sun is outside showing its warm face to us in the cold weather. I still don’t have much energy to do more than make myself some green tea and shove my iPad in front of my eyes. So I guess you have to make the best out of what you have and right now I have nothing but time.

I was thinking yesterday about my weekend and what we did, it was a fun time. Friday we ate a great meal at home and then rushed out the door to meet up with a couple of her girlfriends; one which I had yet to meet. We went to this hotel bar which had a great lounge area filled with modern decor, comfy couches, and dim lights. It was a great way to just relax. It was nice to meet a new friend and there was plenty to talk about. Bars are just nothing like they are in Denver and believe me, that is a very good thing. In Denver they are usually filled with big screen plasma TVs playing a local sports game, crowded with a bunch of underdressed jocks and no care for anything more than getting pissed drunk on beer that can only be described as beer flavored piss. I actually think the happy hour beer selection at some bars in Denver have the men’s urinals secretly tapped only to add a bit of carbonated gas to add the final touch or taste to the already bubbly piss before it enters the red plastic cups. Haha anyways after enjoying a couple drinks it was on to our next destination, an underground adult arcade complete with air hockey.

So we jumped on the train to meet a different group of people in another part of town that I absolutely love, Söder. This area is filled with old buildings, converse, retro strollers, antics and thrift shopping; oh and this damn cool bar which a silver grated spiral staircase inside the place reveals dirt floors for a game called Boule, and cement floors filled with a variety of games like ping pong and fooseball. We did get there a bit later than we originally planned yet we still had about an hour to enjoy a fun filed time of knuckle smashing 2 on 2 games of air hockey (I really did smash her knuckles playing on accident) and dizzy fooseball player games of fooseball. It was so much fun I was sad to find out that the only bad part of this bar was that it was one of the many bars in Stockholm which close at 1am. You see bars usually close at 1am and then once you’ve filled yourself with the reasonably priced beer and wine, you stumble a few train stops away to clubs and dance your legs off till 5am if you want. Just beware, drinks at clubs are often 2-3 times the normal price so you plan ahead and try to over drink at bars just enough to get you through the night at clubs without needing to waste your money at the clubs.

Needless to say that once the bar closed we found our way to a local Greek gyro shop and had a night snack before our journey back home. I think we finally hit our sheets to sleep at around 3am but not before talking about what a fun Friday night we had. I may not have the usual friends I have in Denver but knowing my girlfriend has a wide variety of friends in Stockholm I do think is a pretty awesome feeling. 🙂 I can’t wait to show my Denver friends and family the nightlife this new beautiful city has to offer.

Saturday we woke up early to meet up with another one of her awesome friends which cuts hair and I must say she does a great job. We started out the visit with the usual Swedish welcoming, fika. She made us some coffee and tea, and when her mom showed up she brought out the delicious dark bread filled with raisins and nuts, and some butter and cheese to top off the bread. It was great. Being able to see different peoples houses or apartments is so great because they seem so different than what I’m use to. After about an hour of chatting we moved to the front room and began to trim my dew. I think the best part was telling her that she had “free hands” when it came to cutting my hair because I now have a new haircut which she picked out and I’m extremely happy with it. I then waited for Nadja to get her hair trimmed as I watched a Swedish show equivalent to who wants to be a millionaire with her mother. It was a great was to relax because at the beginning of the day I was starting to feel this damn cold that I now have take over me. Not to mention both her friend and her friends mom insisted on speaking mainly Swedish and I need more people like that because I’m in dire need of more practice.

So while I law down and complain to myself and you about this cold I now have, I can only think that any weekend that involves drinks, air hockey, gyros, haircuts and my girlfriend has to be a good one. It’s a crazy combination which I can only describe as to being a winning combination.