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So yesterday I went on an interview at the shoe store Aldo. I have been keeping in touch with them for about two months now and it turned into a possible job. While visiting the store over the past few months I’ve been able to frequent the men’s section. So when I went in for my interview I had a couple extra minutes while waiting for the manager to gather her things. While wondering around I noticed a pair of shoes that caught my attention; of course because of the style but also because I hadn’t noticed them the last time I was there.

While on the interview we began to talk about Aldo’s spin off company Mr. B. As the story goes, or I should say as the website states,

Great-grand-père Bensadoun was a French cobbler, producing and repairing handmade shoes. His son, “papi” Bensadoun learned his father’s trade and parlayed that skill into a network of shoe stores called Le Pied Mignon. With footwear in his blood, papi’s son, Aldo Bensadoun (Mr. B), built on this heritage by bringing old-world expertise into the new world.

So after listening a bit about the quality craftsmanship which goes into each pair of shoes I had to go check them out online to see what else there was and as it turned out, there is a nice selection. I saw some nice shoes and wanted to share a few with you. There was also some nice videos that caught my attention so check those out as well. I’m including one of the videos but hit up the website for more videos about the Gentlemen.

Hope you enjoy as I know I did 🙂