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So with yesterday wasted from being sick and another day in front of me, I have a lot to take care of. Actually I have been running around as much as possible without over doing it today.

First things first, healthcare. Yeah today I turned in the three short pages required to get healthcare. Can you believe that is all that was necessary to get healthcare?! Because I sure know that I can’t believe that I am now on the way to being covered and I don’t even have a job yet! Healthcare in the states seem to go hand in hand with having a job so it’s a bit different than my usual. The second thing that I needed to take care of was to head across town to a place called Swedish For Idiots Immigrants (SFI). This was the free swedish courses offered to people now living in Sweden.

After getting off the train and walking right passed the building I found my way inside. Luckily the building was filled with English/Swedish directions as to where I needed to go. The third floor was my distention however I didn’t know what was soon to come. After rounding the second floor on the spiral staircase with black and white marble flooring and a circular light blue hand railing leading me to my destination I took one glance at the third floor.

That’s when reality hit me, I am an immigrant in a new country and I’m a far far way from home. Looking at the the third floor I saw all walks of life and we were all there for the same reason, to learn The Key.

There was young people, old people, dark skin, light skin, men with friends with them to help them speak and even women pushing strollers. Some people were dressed in street clothes and others in suit and tie, however we were all part of the same group and in a way I think we all knew it. There was no judging one another because in a way we knew just a little bit of each others story. We were all from a different place and we all somehow found our way into the same room at the same time. It was actually pretty amazing because it was comforting knowing that I was not the only person going through this. We were all waiting on the third floor landing in hopes that the clock would strike 1:00pm and the doors would open.

Everything went smooth and I am signed up to attend class 2 four hour classes each week starting the 26th of this month. This is going to be a part of my life for the next 8-12 months while I do my best to focus less on English and more on the unknown. Well until the 26th comes I’ll be thinking about my experience with SFI’s third floor. 🙂