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So I know I live with my girlfriends parents and yes we are planning on getting our own place as soon as we can but when you wake up to things like this you have to ask yourself, “What ever will I do without?” She is either baking fresh bread or treats like this and its each and every week. Oh I can’t forget the orange and carrot marmalade that I consume every day! Sounds crazy but it’s so damn good. This one is a apple cinnamon bun and to answer all your questions, yes it WAS as good as they look! I was the only one lucky enough to have one fresh out of the oven so it was even better. When her mom stepped out of the kitchen I pulled out my iPhone to capture a quick shot of these mini masterpieces only to get caught by her while trying to compose the shot. Every time I take a picture of the food she makes she laughs at me. She thinks I am so crazy for taking pictures of things she has always been around. 🙂 So this treat for me is a treat for you, kinda. Let your eyes enjoy!

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