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Today Melker and I went on a walk. I decided to use this time today doing two things, get some exercise since I’ve been feeling a little bit better since being sick and to bond with the beast. Walking your dog can help you gain each others respect, and since I live with him we can really use it. He tends to either be a great dog for me when I walk with him or the complete opposite. So I was determined to have a nice walk with him.

20111014-023704 em.jpg
While walking him into the Forrest I stood at this area with four different ways to go and saw how beautiful each and every direction was. Now I always have my iPhone with me, yet this time I brought it just to listen to some music. So I killed the music and began to shoot. It turned out not only did I get some nice exercise and bonding time, but I also got some nice pictures. We began to walk off the path and all I saw was the beautiful nature around us. It was a great 45 minutes and as of now he’s passed out on the floor so I think it did the trick. Enjoy the pics from what I saw today. 🙂

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