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So just last Sunday it was community cleaning day. Now this is not something I have ever heard of before nor have I ever been a part of but I felt like I came away with a new look on community from it. Basically, in the area we live in (and from what I’ve heard many other areas also pick certain days) decided that last Sunday, as a community we would have what I would conceder “Autumn Cleaning Day.”

Most people could easily think of 100 different things to do at 10am on a Sunday, and I’m sure I could do the same, however once I got started my eyes began to open. They opened and my mind began to understand. You see the great part of doing this wasn’t the though of feeling productive, it was the feeling of unity. As I looked around I began to see people around me doing the same thing as I. As I listened I began to hear other people raking leaves just as I was doing. People were cutting down unnecessary tree branches, raking leaves, picking up garbage from the streets, it was amazing. I felt like I was doing my part to help keep the community clean and I felt like I was doing my part to get ready for a new season.

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After filling up 4-5 large trash bags with leaves, and cutting down the mini trees from the back grass area, we walked to the center of our block to find a huge dumpster with it’s doors swung open to easily allow everyone to get their trash into it. While walking to and from it a few times you could see people of all ages helping each other out. Our one goal in mind was to keep what is ours clean. It was great, it was only for two hours and when we were all done and the dumpter was filled to the top, we had the smell of reward coming from BBQ grills. The grill masters cooked different types of sausages and hotdogs to go along with your favorite condiments, grilled onions, and even a wide selection of drinks. There was the kids favorite, Saft (Sweden’s Cool Aid), fresh coffee, carbonated water, and even non alcoholic beer! We ate and we talked amongst the neighbors and shared stories about what was happening in our lives.

It was really a nice time and I feel like I left feeling worthy of living in such a nice community, oh and worthy of over eating as well. 🙂

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