So I started this blog exactly three weeks ago to help stay in contact with my family. My life changed when a not so simple envelope came in the mail from the Swedish Migration Board. I thought I was just on a simple vacation here in Stockholm and now I am living here and starting a new life from scratch. I knew that things were going to be difficult to stay in contact with my mom, sisters, family and friends that I saw on a daily or weekly basis so rather than sticking with Facebook I decided to start this blog. I’ve tried them out before and although they’ve been fun, I find motivation knowing my words are being heard. Having only a few readers before reading my last blogs made me less motivated in continuing my writing.

This time it was different, this time I just wanted to express myself and let the ones I love also get an inside look at me through Me Her And Sweden. The “me” part of course is about me, but the title was also ordered with priority for what I want this blog to be about. ME lets me talk about experiences in Sweden but Sweden is where I am not who I am. ME let’s me post things like music videos, the pictures I love to take, and just simple thoughts running through my mind. The “her” came next because I am going through this new journey in my life because of Nadja, because of HER. I, like many people are in relationships and it’s always something new. New experiences when bringing two different peoples lives together while maintaining independence can be tricky. So this is the part that I write about things we do what we like because she is a huge part of who I am today and it’s to me only obvious I would want to write about her. Our life is an adventure and we knew that it always would be due to the extremely small fact that we are from two different countries from two different parts of the world. This is the part where we have to work hard because we both understand how important each others families are to one another. And of course the last part is “Sweden”, that is our adventure right now because every day is a new day. Her and I have never lived with each other since the first two years we were together she was an Au Pair which meant she lived with the family she cared for. So even though now we are in her parents house we are always experiences new things. Plus who doesn’t want to know more about Sweden?! That is why I titled this blog Me Her And Sweden. (not Her Sweden And Me, or Her Sweden and I)

So as I started this post I was explaining that this was simply started to keep in contact with my family, however with a few other people spreading the word, and the help of Facebook, today I saw the 1000th page click on my blog! According to WordPress (the host of my blog) a “click” is when you either visit my page, or visit one of my posts from my home page. My first blogs saw maybe 40-50 clicks over the 3 months I had them and in only 21 days this blog has seen 1000. I was super excited to see that number today so I took a screen shot of it which inspired this post. Thanks everyone for visiting because I truly do find motivation in writing and sharing my life through this blog. 🙂