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About four months ago I was in need of a case for my iPad. I may love getting new gadgets from Apple, however knowing there are so many different companies out there that create other great products out there reminded me that I needed to look elsewhere. Earlier in the year I had come across a MacBook Pro case in a GQ magazine which caught my attention. After searching the world wide web Internet I came across the company which I was looking for, byrd&belle.

byrd&belle is a small company out of Minnesota which has a line of products for all your iPad, iPhone, MacBook, and Kindle needs. I think the best part is that the company is a one man woman army. She hand makes all of her products herself from the dying of leather to sewing and stitching these little wool-felt pieces of art together. Sometimes simplistic design remains classic and I feel that is the best way to describe the products, classic. Not to forget to mention that she seems to have a constant waiting period time of around two weeks because her products are so high in demand, and after owning one I see why.

I’ve been able to use this case for a little over four months now and between traveling to Sweden and using it in my everyday life I have to say that it absolutely holds its own to daily abuse. It may not have the normal padding that your traditional case might have yet I feel that the 1/8 inch thick felt adds just enough protection while keeping the sophisticated look I was looking for in a iPad case.

Below are a few pics I took of my case however the pictures at the top of the page I took from the byrd&belle website. Check out her site for more about her process and other products I didn’t show. Enjoy. 🙂