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I’m sitting inside of a place called Wayne’s Coffee which I feel to be the closest Sweden gets to a Starbucks. I don’t say this in the way a Swedish person might think of Starbucks. From my experience with Swedish people, Starbucks can be the five star hotel of coffee shops.

If you are from here and you drink coffee and you happen to visit America you will visit a Starbucks, you might blog about it (haha), and you may even buy one of those reusable Starbucks coffee mugs which resemble the paper counterpart. This way when you go back to Sverige you can strut your stuff amongst other not so fortunate simple folk whom have no Starbucks coffee mug. I guess it’s just one of those rules that you want what you cannot have. Sweden has no Starbucks. (Arlanda Airport doesn’t count) No I compare Wayne’s Coffee to my American opinion of Starbucks which is that it’s boring. There is just so many small coffee shops in Sweden with so much more personality. Starbucks is the American coffee equivalent of McDonalds or another fast-food joint. The reason Americans abuse fast-food is not because it’s the best damn thing we’ve ever eaten but because of the “must be” rule. This is a conspiracy I’ve created that there must be some type of fast-food on every corner. It must be the same type of made up rule which I’ve created because when you’re in need of coffee in America there must be a Starbucks near you.

Anyways enough of that, I had about an hour to kill and felt like a coffee while I wait for HER, so I stopped in a Wayne’s and immediately I was given a bit of inspiration. Most coffee shops are filled with one of two different types of people amongst many other types in Sweden. Either “kaffe latte moms” (defined as mothers who all meet to drink a fresh cup while swapping motherhood stories and experiences of the little humans they have in the strollers next them.) Or you see what I call the inspirational father. I feel it to be so amazing that you can find fathers, by themselves, with their newborn or close to new born child enjoying the paid maternity leave they receive from this unique country. Now I don’t mention this to discredit mothers out there because if you knew me you’d know how important women in general are to me. I say this because I am American and things like fathers taking care of their children in this nature is a bit different than what I’m use to. And its not just at Wayne Coffee shops you see this because you see it everywhere. It truly is a beautiful thing that I find to be respectable and important.

So while I drink my coffee and write this post I know seeing this does nothing more than inspire me. If a country can find importance in letting a father care for his creation then I feel as a person on this earth I can find something like this to help inspire me. Maybe the only thing I gain from seeing it will be this post which starts as a rant about American coffee shops and fast-food but I think it also helps remind me that sometimes we as people have to stop and take a look around us. In a world of fast-food and Starbucks drive throughs I think we need to think of why they are there. I think they are there to help us forget to slowdown. Sometimes we all need to find something that can stop us in the moment and think. We need less, because less can mean more memories. No Starbucks may keep Sweden from the all American experience of buying White Chocolate mochas and Frappachino’s in a drive through, but it let’s Sweden stop, talk, and enjoy.