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So as I talked about yesterday in Say What?!, I planned on going to Stockholm University for some information. It was a nice trip and when we got off the train and out of the underground station we were able to get some sunshine. It was great, we walked onto the campus with some people informing everyone there was going to be a Film Festival. Apparently it’s the same in both languages. Film Festival, See it makes sense to everyone.

We went to the Student Centrum or Student Center and I was able to talk to a nice lady about classes and admissions. As it turned out Stockholm University offers about 3-4 different Bachelor programs in English, pretty cool. I mean I may not have a huge selection but then again I’m not fluent in Swedish. After talking to them about tuition is seems that I won’t really know for sure until I apply however what they did say after explaining the type of Visa I have is that it sounds like I can take all courses in Sweden for free. Say What?! Jk haha (hope that’s not old yet, Say What?!)

I’m just at loss for another way to explain the thought of FREE SCHOOL! So now my plan is to think about it and make a decision by December since admissions needs an application by January for the Autumn classes. So I may as well get a head start on this, I mean if I enroll and decide not to attend what do I have to lose? Not a damn thing, I’m in Miami Bitch Sweden. A place where the streets are paved with gold, and chocolate comes from drinking fountains. Well maybe not but there’s free healthcare, free education, maternity leave for dads, and people really love crackers with butter and cheese on top. So I’ll keep you up to date on my decision. Until next time. Have a good day or night depending on what part of the world you’re in. 🙂