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Yesterday we were walking around and stumbled across a sign reading “45 kronor Öl/Vin” (Beer/Wine). I just checked the exchange rate for the US dollar that’s $6.86. The normal price for a beer is about 50-55 Kronor ($7.50-8.50) and a glass of wine is 70-90 kronor. ($10-13.70) So as you can see, it was a deal; so we stopped off and grabbed a drink. I didn’t take many pics because of the lighting but this was just something I took.

20111023-063856 em.jpg

20111023-063911 em.jpg
It’s was nice because it was outside, there was a covering with tables, chairs and lanterns everywhere. This was the last night this place was open for the season so I’m sure we’ll head back that way next year.