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Just before we left the park my ears heard the ever so soothing sound of cement, and a board on wheels. It’s like your ears are hearing something you love it’s just that you can’t quite see what it is. After following my ears over a small hill and on the other side of some bushes and trees there it was, a skatepark. I had to stop and sit for a few minutes because I love watching. I wish I had my board with me because it looked fun. The lighting wasn’t the best and of course I was shooting with my iPhone but I managed to grabs few pics from watching these skaters session.

20111023-071900 em.jpg

20111023-071929 em.jpg

20111023-071950 em.jpg

20111023-072020 em.jpg

20111023-072105 em.jpg

20111023-072207 em.jpg

20111023-072232 em.jpg

Over all the weekend was a good one. Plus I spent it with Nadja. 😉