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Today we set out to just enjoy the days sun because soon it will be no more, well until next year. The days will be short and everyone keeps telling me it will be cold. I know I am use to cold but they don’t seem to think I know what cold is. I guess they think I’m from California or something like that. Anyways as you can see the leaves are turning a pretty yellow color.

20111023-065205 em.jpg

20111023-065608 em.jpg

Next I saw these Fat birds while grabbing a hotdog and now I know why. When eating they all crowded around me just incase I was to drop a piece of food. Haha I didn’t spare them a crumb! Well they didn’t need it.

20111023-065846 em.jpg

20111023-070029 em.jpg
Next we went to a park and it was Beautiful. I would compare it to the “Washington Park” in Denver. Here are a few things we saw, and some pics Nadja took of me. She said that I need more pics of me to prove I live here and am not just writing about Sweden. I really don’t like taking pictures or posting them of myself. She also insisted on taking a picture of the side of my head to show a part of my new haircut since I said I would 🙂

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As you can see this place was beautiful and after walking so much I took a nap on the tree. It seemed to be the best spot. 😉