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You can never count on things going the way that you expect they will, well not exactly. That seems to be the theme of life because there always seems to be a change in store for you. Whether big or small, I always say that the only thing certain in life is that you never know what’s going to happen.

I went to Swedish For Idiots Immigrants (SFI) today marking my first day in class. After wandering around looking for a building with no address, only a name, I finally found it. After showing up 5 minutes late to what I thought would be a 3-4 hour class, it turned out to be nothing but a 20 minute meet and greet, mainly there to give us the basics of what to expect. What I was expecting was what I was told and what I was told was that classes were going to be in the morning from 8-12 yet after reading the paper that was given it was a different story. At this particular building classes are Monday through Friday 8:30-12. Not much different as far as the clock is concerned however going from 2 days a week to 5 days a weeks is a bit different than expected.

So as it officially begins tomorrow, I am going to be focusing a large amount of my time learning Swedish every day! I’m actually extremely excited and cannot wait to see, or hear my progress. I can’t wait to hear more people tell me, what the Hell are you talking about. Haha because as my confidence with the language goes up so will the amount of mess ups, to begin with at least. Don’t worry my readers I’ll keep this Blog in Engelska, I mean English. Haha sorry bad joke. Ok until next time have a good night, or a good day 🙂