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Today marks day 2 at my SFI classes. I’m not going to lie, day 1 was a bit interesting to say the least. It wasn’t the fact that I was amongst many other immigrants, that I was constantly laughing at myself for mispronunciation, or even that I felt like the 1st day of school 22 years ago. Nope, I expected all of that, I expected that things were going to be quite different. What I didn’t expect was that the 2nd half of our class we were going to be getting up from our seats so that we could line up against the chalkboard with four different pieces of paper with the lyrics to four different Swedish songs. That was only the beginning. Ha I look at it and soon excepted that I would try my best at singing the songs because who was I to make up the rules and not sing. I went along with it and I soon noticed that we were not singing to be perfect just to try our best. We went through the songs one at a time and ways that. 10 minutes later we took our seats and we were finished, or so I thought.

As we sat down one of our instructors began talking with us in Swedish telling us something. Now I’m obviously not a pro but I will say I can understand my fare share of Swedish. Yet after she repeated what she said a second time and I was hoping I didn’t understand what she was saying this time, ironic for wanting to learn I know. But then after looking around and asking some of the other students what she said it became apparent I DID understand her just fine. As it turns out this Friday, yes this Friday, my 4th actual day at class we are going to go to some area in the city (an area I will not reveal) so that we can sing these damn songs out loud with another class so that people can watch us. Haha WTF How could this make any sense. Now it’s not everyone’s first week there is only 4 new people including myself that started this week, but the other people are not pros either. So needless to say if you’re in the right place at the right time on Friday you will in fact see me amongst others singing these 4 songs on the street. This should be interesting.

Today, aka day 2 at class it was a little different and very interesting. After practicing singing these beautiful songs, we were told we were going to this museum to see this long lost sunken ship which was recovered and put on display in 1990. So we left and headed out to see it. We took the train to another part of the city, here is a pic I took underground.

After getting there we walked in and it was really amazing. Long story short this was a Titanic story sorry ladies, no DiCaprio of the maiden voyage of a monster ship named Vasa. In 1628 on it’s way to bring weapons to the Swedes fighting a war in Poland only a few miles from where it set sail it suddenly began to topple to its side and sank. Fast forward to the late 1950s they found it and spent the next 5 years taking it out of the water and then spent almost 30 years to properly preserve it. Then in 1990 they opened a museum showing off the boat and the many many items that were collected in and near it’s grave in the water. It was pretty damn amazing so I thought I’d share some pics I took today. It was fairly dim inside making it hard to take great pics but these are what I got so enjoy đŸ™‚