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For those concerned about this amazing singing group I’m in called the immigrants SFI, today we made our debut appearance. We got on a train and headed to a part of Sweden I’m not familiar with. After getting off the train we went to another building to meet up with another SFI class. After meeting the rest of the immigrants poor souls we all left and walked to a mall nearby.

Unsure of what to think we all looked around. Where would we be performing our four songs, where would we be embarrassing ourselves? We looked around and soon it became obvious. In the middle of the mall, this is what we saw….

We were going to be performing on that damn small stage which made things even worse. It would just be way to easy to be spotted by nearby mall walkers, reality was finally sinking in since we thought we would be meeting with people whom actually sing. Nope it was just us! When we got on the stage everyone was so nervous because people were just looking at us and we could only assume they were expecting us to be good, believe me we were good, at making a fool of ourselves. So we packed that stage and then she pressed play, it was go time; no turning back just time to sing the four songs and enjoy it. All went well and we even got an applause or two when were done. It was so hot and everyone was so relived. All 40 of us looked at each other knowing it was over, smiles appeared across everyone’s faces. I even pulled out my camera and shot a couple pictures of some onlooking people.


After I snapped these pics our instructor began to explain that we were all from different countries and were all learning Swedish. She said a few more things I didn’t understand however soon enough we all knew what she said. The music from the first song began to play again and finally the most in sync we had been all day, we all said “what?!” at the same time. It was clear, it was time for our Encore. We were tricked into doing each song one more time!