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So first I really have to say I’m sorry. I am sorry for the lack of posts on this blog because I really love writing here. I am not one to just give up on something that I love so this blog is here to stay.

The reason I have been away from here for so long, maybe about seven days is because I got a job! Yes I just got done with my first week of work and I loved it. Now that’s not to say that it didn’t exhaust me, but that’s only to be expected between going to SFI classes and working which meant tons of new things to be soaked up from my brain. Last week was an amazing week because I once again felt productive.

Right before I went to Spain this August, I stopped in at the Aldo (Shoe Store) in Stockholm to pick up a pair of flip flops for our vacation to Spain. While shopping around I was motivated from Nadja to ask if there was any chance of finding work in a place like Aldo not knowing any Swedish. Was that not the best thing I could have done because fast forward to 2 months later and here I am with a job at Aldo and I am so grateful to have the job. I was even lucky enough to get some extra shifts this week so I ended up working seven days straight, therefore leaving no time at all to write but now that I am off I am back and will continue to make sure I keep this site updated. This is just a short post but I wanted to make sure that I let my family and friends know what I have been up to. I be on here again tomorrow with a couple more posts or pictures so until then, have a good day Colorado and a goodnight to Sweden. šŸ™‚