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I’m sitting on the train now heading to class and I can’t seem to step into the reality that I’m now living in a new country. I guess it’s going to take me a little longer than 2 months to realize what I’m doing 🙂 I have been extremely lucky to be on the path that I’m on right now, well at least that’s the impression that I have after observing and talking to others.

Looking back on what has seemed to be at least 8-9 months is merely just over a 3 month journey. What I mean is that I landed in Sweden from Colorado just over 3 months ago. I was in Sweden for just about 2 weeks before we went to Spain for 2 weeks. We came back and a little over 1 month into my vacation in Stockholm my Resident Permit came in. In a blink of an eye otherwise known as almost 2 months later here I am. So as I said before I know I’ve been in Sweden for just over 3 months but it feels like so much has already changed. I feel like I can compare the changes with the change in the weather because the end of summer seems to have been here a half of a year ago yet it really only said goodbye a couple months ago. The change in the weather is much different in Sweden than in Colorado because once the season says good by it never looks back, it keeps on a walkin; in Colorado the sun always comes back for more. I’m excited as ever and I’m looking forward to learning more Swedish because the faster I learn, the faster I can translate my extremely funny terrible jokes so that I can start using them to all of the unexpecting people around me. Until then I’ll have to stick with my English jokes which isn’t any better for my reputation but oh well, they make me laugh and like I always say “If I don’t make me laugh all day long who the hell’s gonna?!” I hope everyone has a good day 🙂