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Well long time no see all my friends. Don’t think I’ve forgotten about this place I not so long ago use to write to everyday, because I didn’t. I have been doing well, actually I’ve been busy! Between my day to day activities I have to say life seems to continue moving and in order to keep up with it you really have to keep on moving.

My weekly schedule seems to be wake up during the week days at 6:00-6:30am, get ready for the day, eat breakfast, drink some coffee, pack my lunch (if Nadja’s mom didn’t already do it the night before which she usually does hihi) and head out by 8:00. I take the train for a little over 10 minutes which I then get off and walk another 5 minutes to get to school. School starts at 8:30 and ends at 12:00. Since I seem to work 3-4 days during the week, that means 3-4 days after school ends I need to get back to the train, and travel another 6 or 7 more minutes from school to the train stop where I work. Then I work from 12:30-8:00pm. Then after work I try and catch the 8:15 train if I’m lucky, so I can be home by 8:40pm. By the time I get home I’m usually in a “Just sit back and relax” mood so it’s a little tough to sit an write. Then I also work every other weekend so I seem to have a fairly full schedule now which I am so thankful for. I have been working for a little over a month now and I am starting to get a hang of things. Between the new things I need to learn at the new job and then practicing Swedish every day I have to say I’m both mentally and physically tired at the end of the day and it feels good. Moving to a new country is both a fun experience and a hard experience yet I feel it’s all about how willing you are to jump in and take risks. Meeting new people, trying to speak the language, eating new foods, and searching for a new job has been a blast. These are all things that can be intimidating and I think you just have to go for it. When my mom had something hard she was dealing with and needed motivation, or wanted to stop worrying about something she would say “Fuck it”. Haha I know it sounds funny and I’m sure shes going to ask me why the hell I wrote this, but I truly feel its helped me a lot in life especially here in Sweden. If there is something I need to do or am afraid to do I just say to myself, “Fuck it!” What do I have to lose?! And then I jump in the deep end and give what ever I need to do a try. So as crazy as it sounds I think we as people need to say that every once in a while because I don’t like stressing and I know others don’t as well. 🙂

Even though its a challenge, I will do my best to post another post like this or just pictures 1-2 times a week. So until next time, have a good week. 🙂