About two weeks ago my girlfriend turned me on to this website called Pinterest. I don’t know if you are like me but I seem to have a hand full of social networks I’m trying to keep up with. Whether its snapping a shop for my iPhone app Instagram, updating the FB status or even trying to fit Google+ into my busy schedule, I seem to have my eyes glued to my iPhone. So when Nadja told me about yet another social network I needed to try I was like, Nej Tack (No Thanks)

Well that was my first reaction to the thought of yet another social network but I decided to give it a go. First off you can’t just sign up for the service you need an invitation. Luckily Nadja had already received her invite from requesting it from the website. You can also get an invite from someone you know so she sent me one and I was off to seeing what it was all about. Since she knew how to use the site she gave me a quick run through with helping me navigate the site and helped me set it up. The basics behind it is that it’s like a “Memory Board” on a Cork board. You “Pin” different things that you enjoy, or are inspired by, in this case you fill up different “boards” up with pictures and or videos. You can have many different boards for your many different interests. I have a board for ideas for the apartment we are moving to in February, one for Mens fashion interests, cooking recipes, and some of my favorite technology gadgets for example. You can search their website for ideas through out the many categories (fashion, cooking, technology, design, etc..) that they provide or pictures of things others have “Pinned” or you can “Pin” pictures and videos from another website you may be on by using their custom “Pin it” bookmark. When you are on a web page, blog, or whatever, and you see something you want to have on one of your Pinterest Boards you simply click your “Pin it” bookmark and it then asks you to select what you want to “Pin” to Pinterest. It’s pretty cool and I’d have to say its a wonderful place for inspiration.

So as it turned out I’m directing my iPhone or iPads browser to Pinterest more and more each day. Check it out for yourself and if you want, leave me a comment to send you an invite so you can test drive the site for yourself and I’ll send you one 🙂