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A quick history lesson in Swedish Jul, Tomten comes to peoples houses during Christmas eve knocks on the door and gives out gifts. No it’s not like America where there is a local mall with a fake Santa and a line with someone waiting to capture your kids picture with Santa and take your money. Its just not the same

So this is just a warning to start off with: Kids, I’m really not Santa Clause (Tomten) so please understand that. Haha ok ok so what you’re about to see is completely embarrassing to me so that I must first say. During Christmas Eve (or better known as the day Sweden Celebrates Christmas) I went down to the bathroom to take care of some business when Nadja’s dad called for me to come into his room. I walked in there and I saw him holding a fake Santa (Tomten) face complete with a long white beard and hat. He said to me, “In 15 minutes I need you to put this face on and Santa hat on, my jacket, and shoes, go out side to the front door upstairs and knock on the door” Then say Ho Ho Ho, ask if there are any nice children here (in Swedish mind you) and hand out gifts.” I hope I didn’t show it because in my mind I was like WTF?! Haha I wasn’t sure if he was kidding me or not but as the video will soon show, he wasn’t kidding. I was so nervous, and excited all at the same time but the worst part was how incredibly small the eye holes were on the mask! I couldn’t find the name tags on the presents, oh my what an experience it was. If you can hear me I even threw in there I needed to leave soon because I was going to Finland next! I hope you like my Tomten voice 🙂 …