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To have a creative outlet is to have a personal favorite form of meditation. We seem to have so much going on in our lives that seems to stand in the way of personal growth, by the end of the day it can seem as if you have done nothing with yourself. We tell ourselves that we need to “do this” and need to “take care of that”, yet it is so very easy to forget about the simple things that relax you, the things that drown out everything else in the world if only for just a moment. After treating myself with a creative outlet or some form of meditation (writing, taking pictures, working out, skateboarding, cooking, etc…) I can almost guarantee the first words out of my mouth will be “Wow that was fun, why don’t I do that more often?” Yet more often seems to come not often at all. I know what busy lives many people have, Hell I come from a large family whom need a table for 15 every time we go out for dinner, so busy was a part of growing up. However today I feel that being “to busy” is really actually another way of saying “I’m content with my current life of being lazy and unprepared.” That may sound harsh and I’m not saying that I don’t sometimes fall into this category however I am saying that we need to find time for ourselves. Actually we need to plan time into our lives so that we can treat ourselves to the things that make us feel like we are free from everything except for what we are doing that very moment; all while the look of happiness sits in front of our teeth. I believe that by treating ourselves to things we enjoy more often than not will easily reflect the image of enjoyment onto those whom see you on your day to day.

This was just something that was on my mind because writing here has been the creative outlet thatI never knew I loved and however I may not have as much time as I wish I had, it is up to me to treat myself to a little bit of writing and relaxation šŸ™‚ So now that this is done, I think I’ll go have a coffee. Haha So until next time I hope you enjoyed this.