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So I’m sitting on the train at 8am for tr first time this early in about 2 1/2 weeks. It’s pretty early but already it is setting in that the holidays are already further and further behind me with each and every train stop.

Back to the routine or back to “the grind.” I guess the grind means many things but it means school and work for me. I’m told that the next thing to look forward to is Easter but it just seems a bit hard for me to think that way. I come from a family that with just Birthdays, makes the many national holidays seem like their few and far between. With just what I consider my immediate family: my four sisters back home, my mother, my Nonie (Mothers Mother), and my sisters combined four children and 3 boyfriends, it always seems to be someone’s birthday. And now I’m told that I have to look forward to Easter?! Haha ok I guess that just doesn’t seem like enough for me! Like I said before in my last post, I’m Never Pleased! So, it looks like it’s time for me to sit down and make a plan. Do I sit down and wait for Easter? Or do I actually do something productive with my time? The question I asked myself was do I go back to what I was doing before, or do I start fresh? Maybe I’m just thinking to much and perhaps I’m confusing myself and my readers with this post but maybe you can understand what I mean. And what I mean is that a new year can either mean cold weather and just another day, or it can mark a new start and new opportunities. I guess a year from now I can look back at this post and answer today’s question but until then only time will tell. Rather than having unrealistic New Years “Resolutions” I am going to have “Goals.” Nadja and I have Decided that we will make a plan for a few months out and take it one step at a time. This way we can see the end of the tunnel rather than forgetting where we are going. Let me know what you are doing this year that may motivate you with 2012. I wish you all a wonderful year and maybe even a new beginning. Tack 🙂 Have a good day/night