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When thinking about moving to Sweden I know there was a lot that I had to think about. Actually if I take one step back from moving to Sweden and say when I started a relationship with Nadja there was a lot that we had to take into consideration. Small things for some people turned out to be very important things to us just for the simple fact that we were two different countries.

Fast forward to today and we still have plenty more planning to do each any every day to help make our lives work as we hope they will. Before I showed her where I come from, my family, my friends and much more; and now it’s my turn here in Sweden. I will have to be honest that the hardest part was just ring away from my little sister Dede and my 3 Nephews Jordan, Sammy, and Noah and niece Jaylee. Even though I didn’t see them everyday, it is them whim will do the most growing and changing while I am away.

I did however more recently get what I would like to call a Welcome Surprise out coming out here that when I first thought of moving out here never actually crossed my mind. That was beginning to rebuild a relationship with my dad. He moved away from Colorado (a bit ironic that I’m now away) when I was about 14 and has built a new life in Oklahoma. With him in a new State and me being a teenager whom had zero time for anyone other than my friends at that time we kind of grew apart. I had my life and he had his and as we all know, time flies by! We tend to see each other between one or two times a year and the time is short lived because life never stops therefore life calls him back to Oklahoma sooner than later (no pun intended). This year for his birthday my Step Mom did something extremely thoughtful for his birthday and bought him a web camera and microphone. She wanted to surprise him with is so that him and I (and him and my sisters in Colorado) could Skype and talk when ever possible. It took us a few tries at getting it squared away with the setup but after we did Wow, it’s been a wonderful gift for not only him but me. We now talk to each other more often than we have in so many years it’s amazing. We seem to talk during the weekends when he is home from work so then we talk. I really enjoy it but not until today did I really know how much I appreciate it because we didn’t talk this weekend. For the first time in a very long time did I think how it was strange that I didn’t talk to my dad and that can only be because I am now so use to doing so.
So that this has happened I can only really think of how interesting it is that it took me moving to Sweden for my dad and I to talk more than we have ever done before. As I said before, it sure is a welcome surprise. 🙂
Have a Nice day.