I’m from Denver, Co and was raised with a family filled with women. Two years ago while attending a baseball game, (Colorado Rockies) I met this beautiful girl and fell in love. Fast forward time two years in the future and not only have we seen two new iPhones (LOL) but I am living in Stockholm, Sweden and life is wonderful. This blog is a place for me to capture my love for technology, photography, my beautiful girlfriend and my life all while trying to find my place in this new city.


2 thoughts on “Mateo”

  1. Very Awesome to be able to read your daily thoughts and routine! Can;t wait for more love u!

  2. hey 🙂 I went through your blog today and I love it! I am planning on moving to Sweden aswell, so I would like to ask you a couple of questions if u dont mind. I can’t find your email here so it would be cool if you could write me at so i can have your email and ask you some stuff 🙂 (if it is okay)

    thanks and good luck with your new life in sweden!


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