My Tools

I believe in being creative and expressing yourself with whatever tools you have in your life to do so. Years ago people used ink, feathers, and paper to write down their thoughts. Some people took pictures and develop them in dark rooms. I enjoy using the tools that I am given today to spread my words to the people whom enjoy listening. All of my Pictures are either shot with my iPhone 4 and edited with various apps on it, or are taken with my Sony NEX5, then uploaded to my iPad for either editing or just to be uploaded. All of my videos are taken with my iPhone 4 and then edited on it, then uploaded to a site called because I really try not to use YouTube because of performance and preference. I currently do not have a computer to use because it is on my sister Raquel’s desk in the room I was staying in, in Thornton, Colorado before I went on vacation to Sweden. Since my 2 month vacation turned into living here I have not had the chance to send for it therefore I have resulted in using my iPhone and iPad. I feel you can do anything you want with the tools that you have in front of you as long as you don’t mind being creative to do so. 😉 If anyone every has questions as to my process, apps I use, or things I recommend please feel free!


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  1. Joseph stone said:

    I’m following you

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